Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spiraled Underground

Nearly 3 months ago, I posted my Big Batch HST tutorial, created as I was starting on my latest Spiraled quilt with its massive amount of hst's. Needless to say, it took a while to bring this one to completion, but I kinda gave it a push over last weekend, knowing my 3rd quarter Finish-A-Long report would be pitiful without it.
The objective in making this pattern again, was to see how it looked less scrappy. And I like it! {If you haven't seen the original Spiraled or Spiraled Jungle, click the links. They are basically the same 34"x36" design, with tweaks.} Another reason was that once I got my hands on yardage of the "Underground Route" print from Sara Lawson's Jungle Ave. line, I really wanted to see how it looked as a complete background. Again - I like! I chose the super pink "Word on the Street" text print for the spirals because I wanted them to be bold, and I just plain like it!
Quilting was done very similarly to what I did on my mini Swoon, basically using a few of the spirals as inspiration and then echoing using my walking foot as a guide. Overall, it gives a sort of willy nilly effect, but there was a rhyme and reason, and resulted in great texture, even before a wash. I used my super-sized cone of Aurifil 50wt #2021 (Natural White), which made me ridiculously happy. And then, I hit a stumbling block.

I had planned all along to use the black and white "Dotted Boulevard" as the border, topping it off with some matched binding. And though I was more than pleased with the border, after I'd sewn on a good quarter of the binding, I realized that I wasn't really happy with how the border and binding dots looked side by side. After a day of mulling, I removed the binding I'd stitched on and began auditioning other choices.
Except that I didn't like anything I tried! What to do? Then all at once I knew that to preserve that dotted border 'just so', I'd need to do a faced binding. So I turned again to OPQuilt's tutorial, which had served me well in the past. And yes, that was the look I'd been after.
For backing, I used a single piece of "urban sprawl" by Alexander Henry, one of those random stash purchases that I think was destined for this quilt.
So I'm really pleased with this new version of Spiraled, and I'm already thinking of another version I may need to try. Another day.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Chalk it up to vacation time away and jet lag that was difficult to recover from, but face it, I didn't spend much time in the studio last month. Finally, as an attempt to find that sewjo again, I started a new project, and that really helped.

So my Mini Saltwater earned the credit for getting me going again, and it was fun to boot.

Bee blocks were a good next step - entertaining but not too taxing.

And then, I had to get serious. I was scheduled to participate in Selfish Sewing Week, for which I'd decided to make a Brookfield Bag, pattern by Sara Lawson. That process was quite enjoyable and kept me on task last week. Once it was done, I felt 'back to normal'. yay.

Next was an unplanned apron for my granddaughter.

And finally, I just finished binding my latest Spiraled quilt, which I'll share more about yet this week.

Soooo, the month started out dragging, but I think it finished up ok!

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